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5800 mAh 100c LiPo Saddle pack, 2s
5800 mAh 100c 2s LiPo Saddle pack By ModX MODx offers the highest quality and superb performance for any level racer, from novice to World Champ, these LiPo packs are built to perform. Part Number: MDXSD5810 Item Category: LiPo Batteries 2s Item Location: Jackson, Mic..
2s 4600 mAh 100c,  7.4v Lipo Shorty Hardcase Pack
2s 4600 mAh 100c, 7.4v Lipo Hardcase Pack Harness is wired with balance plug and Deans style T connector. ROAR approved. ..
4500mAh 100c Shorty 2S LiPo battery pack, 7.4v
MODX Pro Pack SH-X Shorty – Designed and Developed for the serious racer in mind. MODX Pro Packs use the latest in chemistry and manufacturing techniques to provide you with a High Performance solution for all demanding applications from “Blinky” Stock racing to 1/10th Modif..
4s, 100C Lipo 6500 mAh Hardcase pack, 14.8v, Deans Plug
6400mAh 14.8V 4S 100C LiPo Battery with Hardwired T-Plug Connector Warranty Note: Racer's Edge Handles all warranties for this item. We can not replace it, please contact Racer's Edge. We can only exchange it in unused condition. ..
Prime 4600 mAh 100c, 2s, Shorty Hardcase LiPo pack, 7.4v, Deans Plug Harness
These are hardcase packs and come with 10awg Wire and Deans plug/balance plug harness. With a 100C continuous rating, these packs are meant for stock and mild modified class racing. Max charge rate: 1 x C rating = 4.6 amp This pack is the shorty size 7.4v pack. Diment..
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