JUNE 25th, 2014

Rad R/C Racing Products is now ScottyRocket R/C Products!

(JACKSON, MI) Rad R/C Racing Products is now ScottyRocket R/C Products!!! It's really no more than a much needed name change. However, at the same time we are moving into a different facility in Jackson, MI. This will allow us to focus on improving the current product line as well as finish development on some new things we have been working on and off for a while now.

The move to the Michigan based web server is also complete...this brings with it a merged database for all the The ScottyRocket Group's businesses. We will be adding the new and removing old discontinued products as time permits. All payments will be handled by The R/C Pro-Shop.

We appreciate the continued support that everyone we've talked too has shown over the last year or 2 as it has been a tough go around here for a while. I am very hopefull that this is the right direction for the company and will continue to make things better as we move forward.


ScottyRocket R/C - Jackson, MI

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