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Rad R/C merges with ScottyRocket Motorsports  
Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Effective immediately, Rad R/C Racing Products has been merged into ScottyRocket Motorsports. The two companies have been operating separately for some time. Owner Scott Howe said "At this time with how things are in the economy, it's just time we brought everything together." During the move, we will...

Rear Steer Kits Are Back In-Stock!!!  
Thursday, 04 November 2010
After nearly 8 months...we finally got the last metal parts finished. One shop went out of business, one took our job and then never started and the last one said they would and then 3 weeks later said they wouldn't...finally we found a guy with a CNC machine at his house and finally got the parts done! We sincerely apologize for the lengthy delay.

Website Revamp Is Coming!  
Thursday, 04 November 2010
We are going to be doing a complete remodel on the website over the next few months. It has become apparent that it is too cluttered and the store is not optimum for what we are trying to do. Also look for some killer deals on a couple items soon.

New Store Up & Running!!!  
Monday, 28 January 2008
Well we hope this upgrade to the store fixes some of the issues we've been having with Paypal lately.

Please let us know if you have any problems with the new store. We have also added Google Checkout payment method as well, and yes we are looking and and working towards being able to take credit cards directly. Please check with our dealers first...they all take credit cards directly.

REVO 3-Speed Clarification  
Tuesday, 04 December 2007

We have a few questions on the reverse function of the stock REVO transmission. The anwsers to those questions are: YES, you can either keep the reverse function or remove it our kit does not go that deep into the transmission's inards. All of our 3-speed kits replace the top in put shaft and that shaft does not change anything from it's stock form.

FWIW, One call is enough to let us know you have questions...again, we are unable to take calls or call people back right now. Please Email us with all questions and dealer orders. We WILL repsond via email within 24 hours.

NEW: Rear Steer Kits for E/T-Maxx Now with new feature
RearSteer and 3-Speeds now shipping.
Rear Steer Kits Now Without Servos
New Product Annoucement: Maxx 3.3 Rear Steer Kit
Product Status, New Items and the Big News coming soon.
FIXED: Rear steering steers the same way.
URGENT: Calling and Ordering Info

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New International Payment option now available.

New online international payment options that are secure are hard to come by. That is why we have done the reasearch and have selected a very secure online payment system for our international customers.  Click Here to check it out and sign up today. Funding your account only takes a couple days so it's fast and easy. Email us for our ID to send the payment to.

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